Arada Kantahong

I will help you increase your brain power and improve your language learning skills with great tips and techniques.

Arada Kantahong

Linguist | Educator | Language Trainer

Arada Kantahong teaches and writes educational books and periodical articles on English language learning, English culture and brain training.

Arada’s passion and work have always been language and education-oriented. She has previously taught English at Chiang Mai University, Thailand, before moving to Europe to advance her study and career in translation and language analysis with leading international corporations.

Living English

She is currently living and working in the United Kingdom, where she has converted her first-hand professional experiences into numerous in-depth, easy to digest and practical content for a wide audience, both online and printed.

Apart from regularly writing multiple columns for Thai magazines, her successful English teaching book was published in Thailand in 2016, and subsequently translated into Chinese and published in Taiwan in 2017.

Arada has received her Master’s Degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language -TEFL (with Excellent Academic Achievement Award, GPA 4.00) from Thailand, as well as postgraduate qualifications in TEFL and Translation Studies from America and England.

Thinkinpics2 Method

Arada is also the creator and founder of Thinkinpics2, a language learning method that helps people to learn to remember fast and forever. Read more here.

With her IQ at 97th percentile (top 3% of the world population), approved by Mensa The High IQ Society (UK), Arada will help you increase your brain power, thinking skills and how to create a happier learning journey to achieve your goals.

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